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Impinj’s fixed and handheld RAIN RFID readers and antennas deliver visibility of tagged inventory and assets with the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust Item Intelligence solutions. Impinj Speedway readers are high-performance, enterprise-class fixed readers and the #1 selling RAIN readers in the world. Our handheld readers leverage the market leading Impinj Indy R2000 reader chip to provide unmatched performance coupled with full-featured mobile computing, connectivity, great ergonomic design and intuitive operation.

Impinj Speedway RFID Reader R420

By clicking on the Start button, the reader starts reading any equipment that is close enough to its antennas. Program then processes the RFID tags that are read and perform the proper action (checkout, checkin, or cancels. Program will then shows the result for each tag a grid. It also displays the number of tags read (White), the number that were successfully processed (Green), and the number of errors that need user’s attention (Red).

The size of these buttons showing the quantities can be easily adjusted by user. The large size will allow the user to view the monitor from distance while the equipments are being passed by the RFID reader antennas. User can then click on the red error quantity to display only the errors. Some errors can be fixed from this screen including:

  • Performing a swap of barcoded items at the time of checkin.
  • Checkin item on the old order, when it is being checked out to a new order.
  • Check item out of repair when it is being checked out into an order.

RFID scans from the fixed RFID reader and also from the RFID handheld scanners are stored in a table in RTPro and can later be viewed by the management. Swapping of barcoded item is also available from this screen.