How do I setup RTPro to work with Motorola MC9000/MC3000 using Windows Mobile Device Center?

  1. After setting the scanner to "Active Sync" mode, put it on the cradle.
  2. Windows Mobile Device Center pops up on computer.
  3. From within WMDC select "Set up your device" them select "Files" and hit Next.
  4. Then put a name for your device and press Set Up.
  5. When partnership established, on the main screen of WMDC select "Mobile Device Settings" and select "Manage a Partnership"
  6. Select "Replace items on desktop" for conflict section and press Save.
  7. Run RTPro, Open Barcode Batch Screen.
  8. Select "Scanner Setting" from File menu and select "Symbol MC9000G" as scanner and press OK.
  9. Select "Active Sync Settings" from File menu and make sure your device is listed on the left side and checkbox is checked on the right side (Synchronize Files)
  10. Select "Upload from File" from Action menu.