Motorola MT2000 Series

The MT2090 scanner is wireless scanner which allows a distance of 50 to 100 ft away from the workstation.
Cradle (base) for this scanner is connected to the PC running RTPro via a USB cable.

  • Motorola MT2090 Wireless, Mobile Computer (802.11/Bluetooth, SR Imager, CE, 320 x 240, Color, 21 key and WW)
  • Cradle Kit (Single Slot, BT, Charge Multi-Interface, Power supply and Line Cord)
  • Recommended – Service Contract, 3 YEAR Service, Comprehensive Coverage

Motorola P360 Barocde Scanners

Note: This product has been discontinued by Motorola. It is replaced by the Motorola MT2000 Series. If you are still using this scanner and the scanner is not functioning properly, please try the troubleshooting document below.