Motorola CS3000

Motorola CS3070 Batch/Bluetooth

Flexible mobile 1D laser scanner
The Motorola CS3000 Series is a mobile barcode scanner available in two different versions: a batch model for uploading data to a host at a later time or a model that provides real-time capture and transmission to a host application via a wireless Bluetooth connection to smartphones, PDAs and laptops. The CS3000 features a 24-hour batch/12-hour Bluetooth mode battery life insures well over single shift scanning performance on a charge. Its simple two button design is easy to hold and use - almost no training required!

Note: In order to use this product you should have bluetooth conneciton. If your compurter does not have a built in bluetooth conneciton, you can purchase an external bluetooth adapter such as Targus USB 2.0 Micro Bluetooth Adapter.

Targus Bluetooth Adapter

Motorola MC9000-G Series

The MC9000-G Series from Symbol Technologies is an elegant, ruggedized mobile computer for use in bar code scanning-intensive applications throughout your enterprise. The MC9000-G gives your organization real-time access to mission-critical information from key points in your supply chain. With a feature set that delivers superior data collection, communication and collaboration, the MC9000-G facilitates faster decision-making and increased productivity in a variety of environments—from the factory to the warehouse to the sales floor.

Motorola MC3000 Series

Building on the successful MC3000, the new Motorola MC3100 Series brings cost-effective mobility and user comfort to key-based applications within the four walls. The rugged and ergonomic MC3100 offers advanced computing power and data capture capabilities, enhanced security and enterprise class motion sensing capabilities. MC3000 users will require virtually no training on the MC3100. Because the MC3000, MC3100 and many other Motorola mobile computers share a common architectural platform, porting existing applications to the MC3100 is fast and easy. And compatibility with existing MC3000 accessories provides a seamless upgrade path to the latest in mobile computing.

USB Drivers for CS1504-I100-0001 and Cable CPN 25-50027-01

USB Drivers for CS 1504-I100-0002 and Cable PN 50-16000-386 Simply double click on the downloaded file to extract the driver files into a temporary directory. Now plug the CS-1504 into any available USB port. When you first connect the device to your computer, Windows will display the new hardware found wizard. Select the option to install from a specific location and select the temporary directory you unpacked the device driver to. Then follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation of the barcode reader. The Symbol USB drivers work by emulating a serial port. Once the hardware and driver are installed, check the Windows device manager to determine which serial port the scanner is using. This is the port you must select in the RTPro Scanner Setup Screen. Or you can simply try all ports until the scanner responds

CS 2000 Batch Scanners

Affordable light weight Memory Scanner, stores up to 1500 barcodes. Powered by two AAA batteries, the CS 2000 works anywhere. The CS 2000 reads the information in the barcode and adds the item to a list stored in memory. Batteries run for more than a month with normal use. After you are finished scanning all the items, simply connect it to you PC and with few clicks of buttons, RTPro reads all your scans, verify the data and posts it to the database. You can use it for Checkout, Checkin, Checkin across Multiple Orders, and for Physical Inventory.